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JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl    (JLAB)

The JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl (JLAB) takes its place as a nationally recognized academic competition, a distinguished platform exclusively designed to ignite the intellectual passions of JROTC students. Beyond its role as a scholarly crucible, JLAB unfurls as a multifaceted experience that not only enriches the mind but also nurtures the soul, encapsulating the values of citizenship, leadership, academic prowess, and the profound potential inherent in college pursuits. Participation in JLAB, apart from being a riveting intellectual expedition, has proven instrumental in driving tangible outcomes that resonate far beyond the competition arena. Through diligent engagement, cadets have been observed to remarkably improve their SAT/ACT scores, reflecting not just their prowess in the competition but the comprehensive cultivation of their academic faculties. This augmentation in standardized test scores bears testament to the holistic enrichment that JLAB imparts, transcending its immediate context to equip cadets with tools that hold immense value for their collegiate pursuits. Moreover, JLAB serves as a compelling catalyst in nurturing a fervent interest in college admissions. By juxtaposing academic rigor with the alluring promise of higher education, JLAB underscores the nexus between scholastic achievement and the vast horizons that lay beyond the educational journey. Cadets find themselves drawn towards an aspirational vista, one that encompasses both academic excellence and the realization of collegiate ambitions. At a broader level, JLAB stands as an embodiment of the academic mettle exhibited by the JROTC program. The program's prowess, demonstrated through cadets' triumphant forays into the academic realm, reinforces its commitment to holistic education – an endeavor that not only hones physical discipline but also nurtures intellectual finesse. The collective pursuit of JLAB doesn't just hone individual minds; it cements the bonds of camaraderie that lie at the heart of JROTC. The shared endeavor of academic exploration serves to augment esprit de corps, forging unbreakable ties among cadets as they journey towards shared intellectual milestones. Finally, there's the tantalizing prospect of earning the privilege to journey to the hallowed halls of our nation's capital. Beyond the grandeur and historical significance, this opportunity offers a vivid embodiment of the cadets' dedication and accomplishments. Stepping onto the hallowed ground of Washington, DC, each cadet carries the weight of their hard work, their passion, and their pursuit of excellence – a realization of the promise that JLAB holds.

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Cypress Bay JROTC JLAB Team fosters leadership, academics, and diverse engagement. We offer SAT/ACT prep, Esprit De Corps, college guidance, and a DC trip. Our instructors nurture strong leaders with a sense of service and civic duty.


Esprit De Corps

College Admissions

Nation's Capital 

The JROTC JLAB Team enhances academic strength by boosting SAT/ACT scores and fostering overall scholastic excellence.

The JROTC JLAB Team cultivates esprit de corps, elevating teamwork and leadership values for students.

The JROTC JLAB Team enriches students' college applications, increasing their likelihood of receiving favorable evaluations.

JLAB offers the unique opportunity to explore the nation's capital and connect with its historical significance and figures.

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